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    Home Improvement 101

    August 16th, 2016

    If you've just bought your own home, condo or any sort of living space- there are probably some changes you're looking to make. It could be a necessary repair or a home improvement. No matter your situation, here are the top 10 best tips to help shape up your home.

    1. Decide on improvements to increase the value to your home

      There's probably a long list of tasks on your mind to improve your household. This could be anything from renovating the bathroom or adding in hard wood floors. Choose home improvements that will add value to your home. It's wise to consider if the project has a solid return on investment.

    2. Choose to work on the timeliest projects.

      Some projects are more critical than others. Even if they're just a quick fix, they can prevent damage being done in a house. Choosing to work on these urgent projects can save you money in the future and help improve your living space.

    3. Do it yourself or not

      Not every home improvement project is fitting to do yourself, even if you're confident in your DIY abilities. Sometimes projects can be done by you, but sometimes they require the help of a professional. Be aware of your limits and if it's your first time, start with small projects.

    4. Sharpen your home improvement skills

      We could all learn some home repair skills to save us from spending money on tasks we could easily do ourselves. Learn effective skills through volunteering or other resources, including reading. There are some apps that can help answer your question if you're not sure how to complete a task properly.

    5. Inspire yourself before your next home renovation

      A smart way to know what you want is to browse around and find inspiration. There are websites that help find you project photos and contractors. Another way to find visual inspiration is to check out HGTV on Netflix.

    6. Treat yourself to the right tools

      Your bare hands aren't the tools you need to complete a project. Build your toolbox with the basic tools for any sort of repair, minor or major. For example, basic plumbing tools are essential for any household. Your smartphone is a great tool, especially to help out with any DIYs.

    7. Manage your money

      Home improvements can be costly. There are various ways to finance home improvements. You can make deductions at tax time and receive some money in return if you're aware of the difference between tax breaks you can receive for home repairs and improvements. Also, if you're paying private mortgage insurance, certain home improvements can add value to your home and help reduce that cost. This can help reduce your housing expenses.

    8. Consider your best contractor

      It is crucial to find responsible handyman or contractors to help in your home improvement. Homeowners can be scammed by contracts that do the job so horribly that they have to invest more money to fix the problem a second time. Some tips: listen to recommendations from friends and family, read their reviews, assures their licenses and permits are legitimate, receive quotes about the cost of the work beforehand.

    9. Save and save and save

      You don't want to spend all your money on one sole home improvement project and not have enough for another one. It's important to knowing which renovations will add the most value and it is equally as important to know which renovations you can skip on. Focus on items that are hard to replace and cut back on the smaller projects. Some reuse centers can help save money on materials and appliances. Don't forget to donate all your leftovers to Habitat for Humanity.

    10. Plan Ahead

      Avoid starting projects until you know all the key details: designs, costs, materials. Don't risk changing your ideas midway like deciding the new tile floor just doesn't suit the washroom. Design tools can help visually imagine your project. Add a buffer of around 10-15% for budgets and time to prepare for any surprises that can occur.

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