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    3 Fun Outdoor Home Improvements For Your Family

    August 16th, 2016

    Here are 3 easy and engaging home improvement projects to tackle with your family!

    One of the best ways to unite a family is working together to try out a fun new project. Spending time together outside and putting in the effort to meet a common goal strengthens bonds in families. However, you don't want to pick a project too tedious and too difficult, especially if the children involved are anywhere from 5 to 15. Here are some easy home improvement projects to help better your household all while enjoying the great outdoors.

    1. Getting Deep into Dirt

      Some kids are eager to get their hands dirty. Building a garden or flower bed could be a great project to get your children involved in. This will give them to freedom to roll around in the mud, all while helping aesthetics of your property and potentially helping you grow your own vegetables. For this project to be enjoyable for all members of your family, try picking proper sized garden tools for your children. This will make it much easier for everyone to get involved. With the right tools and spirit, a beautiful flower garden or vegetation bed could be the perfect solution to getting the family together.

    2. Perking Up Your Paint Coats

      This project is not only fun, but also a big improvement to your house which is an added bonus. If the exterior paint of something outside is lacking color, rally up your troops to paint a fresh coat on it. Ideally, kids should have some experience with paint to be able to do this if you're considering painting a deck or perhaps a fence.

      Otherwise, younger kids could get involved if you choose to paint a smaller object like a mailbox or a chair. Prepare for this project by laying out some newspaper so the area around it remains untouched. In addition, designate some painting clothing to avoid stains on someone's favorite shirt.

    3. Get Fired Up

      A fire pit is a great addition to any backyard. Building a fire pit with your family can be a great way to unite siblings of all ages. You might need some adults or adolescents to help assemble the material, but the younger kids can help choose the placement and the colors. It should be 10 feet away from any sort of structure. The finished project will definitely unite the family with everyone roasting marshmallows together.

      If you're looking for some family bonding and a home renovation project that will improve your household, think about trying one of the tips described above. The final outcome will be worth it, and so will the time spent with your family.

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