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    6 Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring Any Handyman

    August 15th, 2016

    To avoid countless hours on weekends of repairing problems around your house, it may be wise to choose a handyman. It's important to find the right person to do the job. You don't want someone to do the task incorrectly and force you to spend your money on hiring another worker to fix the mess. To prevent these mistakes from happening, pose these questions to various handy men to help your narrow down to the one who can do the job!

    1. Can I see your license?

      Most states have different procedures where handymen can become licensed in their specific field. Make sure that your handyman is certified and a can provide a visual copy of the license.

    2. Do you have any references from previous customers?

      An experienced handyman should have a clientele that can affirm the work they have done. Try to get a hold of some of these past clients. A handyman that fails to provide any references probably hasn't done great work on other people's homes. The internet may be a source for reviews as well.

    3. Can I have an estimate of the costs beforehand?

      Make sure a list of tasks to be completed is provided. After reading over the jobs, the handyman should be able to have a quote on how much it will cost. This will be helpful when choosing between two handyman services. Try to get the quote as part of the contract.

    4. Is your liability insurance up to date?

      It is important that if a handyman is injured on the job, you will not be liable. They should have insurance that will protect them in cases of injury, similar to contractors or construction workers on building sites. This will avoid you dealing with legal charges in the future.

    5. Do you guarantee your work?

      If something was to go wrong, would the handyman return to fix it? This guarantee might have to be in writing. A proper service will typically do this to assure their legitimacy.

    6. Will you be completing this job with a team?

      Depending on the job, a team of different people might be used. This is something that should be asked before signing a handyman. It could affect the cost of the workers as well as the amount of people in your home. It is a good idea to ask if the handyman himself will be on site while the team is completing the job. If they are not there to supervise their team, problems can occur.

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