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    4 Questions to Ask Before Calling Roof Repair

    August 10th, 2016

    In each home, there are improvements that we are eager to complete, like a bedroom renovation or a new deck above a garden. On the contrary, roof repairs seem to be a less exciting use of time and money. Neglecting this crucial area can lead damage as well as high energy bills. To prevent these consequences, keep in mind these four tips about roof maintenance.

    1. Remember to do multiple inspections of your roof throughout the year. If you see stained or damaged shingles or rusted flashings, call a professional. Signs of roof problems can also include water stains or the formation of mold. The question for a new roof should come up if energy bills are increasing or if you witness leaks after rain or snow.

    2. An annual cleaning of the ventilation system should be done to maintain the roof. Use caulking with a high grade sealant around vents and pipes, as well as paint around unsealed metal to protect from rust. All debris should be removed from gutters to prevent clogging.

    3. A proper roof installment can be a life time investment. For example, an asphalt shingle roof can last around twenty years but a different choice can be sustainable for the whole life of the house.

    4. The choice of roof material can change the curb appeal of your house. Realtor Magazine explains how roof replacement is in the top ten most valuable home improvement projects.
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