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    5 Easy ways to Vamp Up Your Kitchen

    August 9th, 2016 , Last Modified: August 9th, 2016

    It is no surprise that we spend most of our time in the kitchen or that it is known as the centerpiece of a home. That not only has a lot to do with the fact that is where we prepare our food, but also where we spend time reflecting on the events of the day with our loved ones.

    Here are some ways to give the heart of the home a quick update that won't cause a huge dent in your bank balance.

    1. Replace the Benchtop

      Replacing a rounded-edge laminate benchtop with a square-edge stone will instantly update a kitchen. Look for a quartz product rather than more expensive natural stone options. While you're at it, you could also replace a top mounted sink with a more modern under mount sink or if you currently have an old large or double-bowl sink but don't use it that much, go smaller and add extra bench space instead.

    2. Install a New Splashback

      One of the biggest things that date a kitchen back to the 70's or 80's are patterned tiles. Even today, tiles are still the cheapest splashback option. Replacing the old tiles with new modern ones or painting over them with tile paint following a thorough clean and application of primer is an easy way to modernize your kitchen. Some options include subway tiles, which are really popular right now in both modern and more traditional kitchens. For a much more modern, streamlined look, a glass splashback is worth the investment. As for small, tight kitchens, a mirrored splashback can also help reflect much needed space and light.

    3. Paint or Remove Cabinets

      Give an all-white kitchen a modern makeover by painting bottom cabinets and the front of the island bench in a contrasting darker colour such as charcoal or black. On the otherhand, if your kitchen looks too filled with cabinets, another trick is to remove some of the upper cabinet doors to open up the look of the space. A plus is that these open spaces can be used to display beautiful crockery or decor. Remember to fill and paint the hinge holes!

    4. Replace Handles and Accessories

      The cheapest trick to revamp your kitchen is to replace dated, plastic or broken handles with new modern ones. If you choose stainless steel then you could correlate is with stainless steel accessories, like small appliances or a utensil holder. This will give your kitchen put together and polished look. Another accessory trick is to add a stainless steel tray with a high rim to group together daily cooking needs like oil, vinegar and condiments. Lastly, new lighting can also make a huge difference and help extend a theme, depending on the lighting, developed through all accessories.

    5. Upgrade Appliances

      The protruding rangehood over an old white freestanding oven combo can be instantly reconstructed by installing a stainless steel slide out option and a built in cooktop and oven. A trick to match the old cabinetry around the new appliances is to use a brushed stainless steel or aluminium laminate product that will tie in with the appliances and enhance the modern look.