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    DIY Vs. Professional Repair - Which Is Best?

    October 16th, 2012

    Doing a DIY home repair job is cost efficient and can help a person save a considerable amount of money. Naturally, some jobs are not DIY jobs. Repairing complex plumbing problems, for instance, is not something that an inexperienced homeowner will want to tackle, as small mistakes can create a large mess that is both costly and complicated to clean up. However, there are many handyman jobs that most any homeowner can handle without professional assistance.

    Installing a sink or putting in a new faucet is not as hard as it may initially seem. A person can buy the needed materials for the job at any local home improvement store or even over the internet. There are various online sites that have clear, step by step installation instructions, but in many cases the item itself will come with an installation instruction booklet.

    Taking down an old door and putting in a new one is also a DIY home improvement job that a homeowner with little or no handyman experience can successfully complete. The main challenge is to choose a door that is just the right size for the frame. However, if the door is just a little bit too long, then it can be sanded down using either a planer or sandpaper. Many home improvement stores are also willing to either exchange the door or provide a refund, as long as the buyer does not damage the door and/or returns it while the warranty is still valid.

    Other home improvement jobs include painting the home, installing home insulation and giving home furniture and kitchen cabinets a makeover. There are also small electronic jobs that a person can handle without hiring a professional, such as putting in a new light switch or plug and installing a new type of lighting in any room of the house.

    Taking on a DIY handyman job for the first time can seem daunting. However, doing small jobs at home without professional help can save a person a fair bit of money. The tools and materials needed for any given DIY job can be found at a local store or online retail site. Clear instructions can be found online and doing the job often takes well under an hour. Furthermore, as a person gains practice in doing small home repair jobs, he or she will also gain the confidence needed to tackle challenging home repair jobs in the future.

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