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    Implement Energy Saving Ideas For A Cost Efficient Home

    October 16th, 2012 , Last Modified: October 16th, 2012

    Being smart about how you use energy in your home is good for the environment, saves you money, and helps keep your family comfortable in all seasons. There are many simple, basic steps you can take to save more energy throughout the year, and to make your home cost efficient in winter and in summer. You usually need to make a simple change in your lifestyle or daily habits.

    All Season Efficiency

    To control the climate in your home compared to outside temperatures means that you have to have an effective seal in your home to prevent movement of air in and out of the house. This means effective weather seals around all doors and windows, for example. After you have plugged all these holes, consider increasing the amount of insulation in the house to reduce heat transfer in and out of the house. One area to check is the attic. Thicker insulation here will help prevent heat escaping in the winter, and heat being transferred into the house in the summer.

    Other energy saving ideas revolves around your use of energy throughout your house. All family members should be aware that energy use is increased every time they turn on the television, leave a light on in an empty room, and change the thermostat setting. Consider cooling or heating only those parts of the house that you actually use. Isolating these rooms means there is less space to heat or cool, and this means lower energy bills. Another approach to a cost efficient home is the use of ceiling fans to help distribute heated or cooled air throughout the house. A cost efficient idea is to reduce your hot water heater temperature by a degree or two.

    Seasonal Energy Saving Ideas

    Dialing down the thermostat in winter even a few degrees goes a long way to reducing the heating bill. Family members will quickly adjust to wearing a sweater or warm socks to retain body heat. Extra covers at night will let you turn down the furnace for even greater energy saving. Be sure to take advantage of passive solar heating of your home by opening curtains on southern windows to take advantage of the heat of the sun.

    In the summer, turn up the air conditioner thermostat by just a few degrees for cost savings that do not really affect comfort levels. Closing blinds and drapes to keep the heat of the sun out of the house will also help reduce the need for air conditioning. These basic ideas for energy saving will make your home a cost efficient and comfortable haven from the weather outside.

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