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    Home Design Tips For Maximizing The Space

    September 10th, 2012

    When redesigning your home, or making some changes to maximize the space you have available, every tip and idea should be welcomed. Every homeowner can use the following home fashion and design tips to enhance the functionality and appearance of his or her house.

    First of all, you should consider that the garage is more than a place to park your vehicle in. It can be both a great workspace and a room with extra storage for your various tools. Creating a wide garage can save you from a lot of headaches, which you normally get with a standard spec garage. In order to achieve this purpose, you might want to ensure that the space between the door to your house and the spot where you are usually parking your car is at least 5-feet wide. This is particularly useful when trying to make your way inside while having your arms full of groceries.

    Additionally, make sure that your house has plenty of storage space. You can add some additional storage by purchasing a few storage trusses. These will help you save money and provide extra room for all the stuff you are not using so often. Interior storage is crucial when it comes to staying organized, and hence for making your home look more beautiful. Homeowners should also ensure that the distance between the kitchen cabinets is at least 40 inches, so that they can easily move around. If you are a wine collector, do not forget to optimize the use of space designed for wine storage as well. Built-in wine storage cabinets are great conversation openers and make your house look classier too.

    If you are one of those homeowners who love having guests around, do your best to improve the design of your showers so that they can accommodate all kinds of guests. Your showers should be at least 38 inches wide in order to ensure a comfortable entry, exit, and also usage. While you are at bathroom design ideas, do not forget about fashion and choose some great looking shower heads that will impress your guests while being practical as well. Nonetheless, many home design experts recommend homeowners to install two faucets rather than buying a more expensive version. This allows the water to hit you from two different sides, which makes for a great shower experience. While these are just a few home design ideas that you can use to maximize the functionality and space in your house, do not hesitate to let your imagination go wild and come up with your own unique ideas too.

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