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    Easy Installation Of Garbage Disposals

    August 7th, 2012
    While the installation of garbage disposals is not particularly difficult, some plumbing and electrical capabilities are necessary. Prior to getting the project underway, confirm that a 120V outlet with 20 Amp is available beneath the sink.

    Disengage the circuit to stop the flow of electricity to the disposal site before beginning the installation. At the breaker box, turn the corresponding breaker off, or remove the fuse.

    Before the disposal can be seated, the assembly must be installed. Pieces of the assembly that will eventually hold the disposal in place include a flange, and mounting ring that supports the disposal unit.

    The opening of the sink must be sealed with putty, covering approximately half an inch. Set the flange in the opening and squeeze it into the wet putty. Ask an assistant to hold the flange in place while the gasket and attachment ring slide on top. A spring clip will then hold everything together.

    Next, three screws will be used to secure the triangular ring. The mounting assembly should be balanced through the even tightening of each screw.

    Connect the power cord into the disposal unit before mounting. In order to do this, the electrical plate at the bottom of the disposal mechanism must be removed. Then, follow the color coding in order to ensure that the nuts are holding the proper matches between the wires: white with white, black with black, and green with green. Once attached, tuck the wires into the electrical box and restore the plate to its original location.

    Now the unit is ready for installation. It can be weighty, so anticipate the holding periods, and use assistance again when necessary.

    Rest the three mounting tabs on the disposal against their counterparts in the mounted assembly. Before securing the unit, the drain line must be connected.

    Start by using the gasket and screws to attach the discharge tube. Be sure that the tube placement is appropriate as it relate to the waste trap. Extend or shorten the pipe accordingly. If applicable, proceed by connecting the line for the dishwasher.

    A collar on the disposal locks it into place when tightened. Use screwdriver to rotate it. If a wrench was packaged with the unit, that will rotate the collar into the locked position instead.

    Finally, check for leaks by gently opening the faucet. Once all connections have been secured, and the system is water tight, power can be restored in order to test the entire mechanism.

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    Mike Webb 11 years ago

    Great info but I was a little late on reading it. I just had my garbage disposal replaced with a new one, I live in Colorado springs and the cheapest place I could find to do the job was Pro Power Rooter their number is 719 331-4071 or their website

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