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    Some Practical Solutions For Soundproofing Your Home

    August 7th, 2012
    The last place where you want to be disturbed by unwelcome noise is your own home. However, not everyone is lucky enough to live in a peaceful neighborhood. Most of us need soundproofing solutions so that we can block and obstruct from coming into our homes external noises that are part and parcel of urban living. The following solutions should help you do just that.

    Adding rugs and Textiles to your Rooms

    Sound is a type of wave that is easily reflected by hard surfaces such as floor and walls. If your rooms do not contain carpeting and other elements that can obstruct sound waves, sound will keep bouncing off your walls and make your home even noisier. The easiest remedy is to install soft surfaces such as carpets or rugs on the floors, and drapes on the windows, to absorb sound. Some homeowners even install drapes on their walls, to get the perfect silence we associate with the quietest of libraries; other types of wall treatments also help absorb and reduce sound.

    Double Glaze your Windows

    Apart from adding drapes to your windows for internal soundproofing, you also want to insulate your windows from external noises. Since they are the biggest opening to most homes, windows are often the biggest contributor to any noise entering most homes. Windows with single panes are especially guilty of giving their homeowners sleepless nights due to their almost complete inability to stop external sounds. If you have single pane windows, you need to instantly convert them to double glaze windows to enjoy a noise reduction of about 20%. Furthermore, if you were to use acrylic window panes, you can reduce the noise by half. You should, of course, take help from an experienced operator to help to install your new windows. Any gap between the window pane and the edges will defeat the whole purpose of the installation.

    Window Plugs for Soundproofing

    Window plugs are another simple solution to insulate your windows against noise. These are a kind of soundproofing mats that can be installed over your windows in an air-tight fashion to block any sound that escapes from your window panes. Most often these are made of cell foam, and are easy to install it yourself.

    Some of these solutions, such as window plugs, are of Do it Yourself (DIY) kind, whereas for others you will need the help of an expert contractor. Before you employ a contractor to install your window panes or other solutions, make sure that you inform them about the purpose of your installation. This way a contractor can provide the best solution to your noise problem.

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