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    Handy Tips For DIY Home Window Replacement

    July 23rd, 2012
    There comes a time for every house when it becomes necessary to replace the windows in your home. This may be prompted by an inherent need for remodeling, or recent sighting of superb, gleaming windows at your neighbor’s home. Whatever the reasons may be, home window replacement is not a cheap project to undertake. To offset part of the costs, skilled homeowners may opt to do the job by themselves. Such a project requires one to have the requisite tools, equipment and practical carpentry ability. If you do not possess these prerequisites, do not shy away from calling the pros. Nonetheless, if you are willing to attempt the feat, here are some tips to guide you:
    Choose Easy To Install Windows

    First, assess the type of windows present in your home. Numerous types of windows exist in different homes, with varied levels of difficulty in installation. Casement windows, which includes awning and hopper designs are fairly common in US homes. Single-hung and double-hung sash windows are also popular in many houses. These two types of windows are fairly simple to install with the right tools and equipment.
    Choose The Appropriate Replacement Windows And Frames
    The big advantage of replacement windows is that they are designed to fit into the existing window openings. However, if your current frame is rotted, you must use full-frame replacement windows instead. Measure the width and height of the jambs, and determine the sill angle before placing your orders. Various home window replacement kits exist in the market. These require you to choose from wooden, vinyl, fiberglass, vinyl-clad wood, or aluminum-clad wood. Ensure you inspect the replacement windows carefully, since overall quality differs from retailer to retailer.
    Adhere To The Correct Fitting Procedure

    If you are fitting replacement windows for the first time, you must use a DIY guide with the correct replacement procedures illustrated clearly. Adhere to every step indicated to avoid making costly blunders. Some tasks such as tearing out the old window, caulking, and shimming without damaging the preexisting frame can be quite tricky. Any area that presents a challenge can be tackled easily by referring to the manual. However, if you get stuck mid-way through the installation, feel free to consult a local handyman for some assistance. The last process usually entails caulking and painting the new window, before wiping it clean.
    Different factors often call for the replacement of windows. However, the cost of home window replacement can be quite steep, prompting owners to consider DIY. Installing replacement windows is not rocket science, given the requisite tools, equipment, guidelines and handiwork skills. The tips and facts outlined above will guide you along this fairly difficulty DIY project.
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