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    6 Ways To Cut Your Costs At-Home

    February 14th, 2013

    Paying the household bills doesn't have to leave you in the red. Using money saving tips that can be applied to the home to reduce the overall costs can help you to put more in the savings account and live a healthier financial life.

    What are some of the ways you can cut costs at-home?

    1. Bundle Your Entertainment Costs

      Using bundled costs of cable television, internet services and phone can be a great way to save up to thirty percent off of these bills. Using these types of bundling promotions and sign-up specials where you can save fifty percent off during the introductory period can cut the costs of entertaining at-home.

    2. Look for Small Savings

      Look for those small savings on the costs of bills like caller ID services or voice-mail. Check your cable bill for things like premium channel costs. Can you get rid of a few of these services? One small service may not help to reduce the expenses, but a handful will.

    3. Use Coupons and Sales

      Clip coupons from the local newspaper, print coupons from home and order coupons from the mail to home coupon websites. Paying attention to local sale prices and combining these coupons can help you to save big on the cost of household and food items, reducing your monthly expenses by up to thirty percent with a little smart shopping.

    4. Cut Your Insurance Costs

      Has it been a long time since you've applied for insurance? It can't hurt to see what's out there and compare quotes from other companies. Use companies that offer discounts to customers that bundle their insurance or things like safe driver discounts. By comparing premiums and taking advantage of discounts you can save an average of 15% - every single year.

    5. Use Energy Saving Tips At-Home

      Does that time of the month when the energy bill arrives in the mail make you shudder? Saving energy is a big part of frugal living. Find ways that you can reduce the cost by comparing premiums between competing companies and use methods that can help to decrease consumption at-home. Turn off the lights in the daytime, unplug things, take shorter showers -- all of these things can help to reduce utilities.

    6. Get Rid of the Late Payments

      Making sure that bills are paid on time can reduce the fees every month. Though it might not seem like much, a few dollars every month on a few bills for an entire year can end up costing you as much as one month's billing. How's that for household savings?

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