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    Peggy Green - Mesquite, Texas, United States

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    Job Title: BMW/JOB
    My Bussines: Kreashun
    Industry: Marketing
    Place Of Residence: Mesquite, Texas, United States
    Peggy Green Biography
    Graduate of Washington High School. Graduate of Warner Brown School of Nursing. Texas resident. Retired to networking. Living for today. Famous quote, "profits are better than paychecks." After surfing and joining programs,found 3 sources to share with others. You are invited to join us. Just let me hear from you.We are a group of like minded people helping each other. With the soaring prices of the cost of living, and give away free prescriptions cards. Watch this 3minute video. Make it FREE ! The average household has 3 mobile phones. We are solavei in purple. Working to get me a purple Nissan. See you on the other side.
    Other info
    My niche is travel.Every time someone travels someone get paid. Why not me?Traveling pennies on the dollar. Join us on Tues. and Thu. at 10PM (EST) at and meet some happy, overjoyed like-minded people. Aloha.
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    January 10, 2011
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    My Interests
    A retired nurse of 22 yrs. I still find ways to help others with health issues. 1. Economically speaking - Seeing changes,,find way to live above the poverty line. 2. Medical Research is still an interest of mine.

    Summary Of Peggy Green

    Full Name: Peggy Green
    Place Of Residence: Mesquite,Texas,United States
    Job Title: BMW/JOB
    My Business: Kreashun