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Coastal Electrics Rockingham - Rockingham, Australia

About Coastal Electrics Rockingham

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If You Are Looking For A Reliable Electric Company Servicing The WA State Area, Look No Further Than Coastal Electrics.

During Our More Than 30 Years Of Experience We Have Established Lasting Relationships With Our Mining, Commercial And Residential Clients. Andrew Guy Established The Company In 1988 And Since Then We Have Gained And Kept A Reputation For Excellent Customer Service And Reliability.

Delivering A Product That\'s Tailored To Your Specific Needs Is One Of The Things That We Focus On, And Our Experience Allows Us To Fulfill All Your Electrical Requirements, Whether Commercial, Industrial Or Residential.

We Understand That Our Valued Clients Have Specific Needs And Are Looking For A Particular Outcome, And That Goal Is Achieved By Working Closely With Clients From The First Point Of Contact.

One Of Our Best Assets Here At Coastal Electrics Is Our Experienced And Dedicated Technicians. Exploring All Possible Solutions And Lateral Thinking Are Two Of The Areas We Have Encouraged Our Employees To Excel In.

Coastal Electrics Rockingham is a company categorized under Electrical Work.

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20 Pedlar Cct, Rockingham, , Australia
08 9527 1509
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Company: Coastal Electrics Rockingham
Business Address: 20 Pedlar Cct, Rockingham, Australia
Business Phone: 08 9527 1509
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Coastal Electrics Rockingham Business Address
20 Pedlar Cct, Rockingham, Australia