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    Pin the tail on the donkey, a pinata smash and duck, duck, goose are all classic games for birthday parties but our super themed bashed needs to have entertainment that lives up to all of the planning we've put in. While some of the games listed below are classics, they are also our favourites for e
    Spring and summer Birthday parties are in the air!  After the cold winter, we can take advantage of the great outdoors by hosting our kid's parties in the park or in the backyard ¦.those were my favourite.We know that cake reigns king and entertainment is a must, but the loot bag seals the deal! N
    How much do you spend on a kid's gift? Do you invite the whole class? Are birthday parties at home a thing of the past?Children's birthday parties almost always generate parental stress regardless whether you are on the giving or receiving end of the birthday party spectrum. Should we invite ev
    There are plenty of ways for our children to waste away the summer days, but we think they should be savouring every moment of sun at summer camp. We know all too well the reality of packing our kids up for camp in the morning, only to sit on a school bus, making the long trip to day camp. So, this
    We've been on a mission to investigate indoor party options for kids. But sometimes it seems like most birthday party activities have already been done. Good news for winter babies this year as we've discovered a new venue that offers a stellar celebration!Located in the Outremont/Mile End neighbour
    Toronto has its fair share of landmarks. From the CN Tower to Maple Leaf Gardens to St Lawrence Market our city is renown for many things. The Second City not only sits high on that list among parents with great theatre and comedy, but with kids too for guaranteed fun, all year long!This winter, The
    With Pinterest boards abound it seems as though so many moms, dads and other birthday party planners are spending much time thinking about a party theme and décor. We totally think it's amazing to have a beautifully designed party but at the end of the (birth)day, kids really care about having fu
    It's not hard to break the bank when planning a child's birthday party. From the venue to entertainment to food to cake, it can add up quickly to cost more than a weekend getaway for a family of four. Add loot bags to the tally and the only place we'll be packing our bags is upon returning from the
    The Scoop on Birthday Parties in Toronto & the GTA!Looking for some Birthday Party Hot-Spots?  We've rounded up some of theBest Birthday Party places in Toronto and the GTA to make your kids birthday bash the most buzzed on the block!  Avenue Road Arts School Looking for a birthday bash with a
    We keep saying it again and again¦it's never too early to start planning for summer camp! With so many choices out there it's hard to know which way to go. Upon researching our options, tennis camp came up as a huge contender. When making a strategic move, Lytton Park Tennis Camp is the way to go i
    We may be a bit biased when planning our kids' next birthday party. Sure, we want them to have fun but the truth is we have just as much fun singing along to some of our favourite kids' tunes like We are the Dinosaurs, Gummy Bears, Beauty & a Beat and other top 40 hits. We're not talking about a
    One of the most common questions that we receive from moms across the country is: "Help! How do I plan the perfect party?!" Have no fear because the Kid Scoop is here to help you with every birthday party woe you could ever imagine!We have curated the best birthday games, birthday activities, theme
    Cet article est disponible seulement en anglais While every little girl may be dreaming about her wedding day, the idea of a princess party is also a dream come true. Whether she's a fan of Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty or Belle, one thing is for sure, we'll soon have a lot of pink on our hands!
    By Dawn MucciLice Squad Canada Inc.  The hallmark symptom of head lice is an itchy head.   It's a severe itch, and parents often report children who wake up at night complaining of an itchy head.  The itching is a reaction to the louse's saliva which is left behind after feeding. It
    It seems as though with all of the pre-camp preparation we sometimes forget about the experience of it all. Running around town picking up shorts, water bottles and spending endless hours ironing on nametags and we realize that we may have not prepared our children emotionally for summer camp.Just a
    Kids birthday parties and the expectations that go with them can make celebrating the coolness that is the day that our kids were born a bit of a bummer " especially when it comes to those dreaded goodie bags.Used to be, way back when, that it was basic courtesy to say thank you for coming and celeb
    We live in a city that allows our kids to get outdoors but sometimes we wonder if they are getting the true nature experience Toronto has to offer. While we want to take our kids along for a green ride, we figure why not bring their friends and family along for a one of a kind birthday adventure. We
    Our savvy friends over at Mabel's Labels are giving us the scoop on gearing the kids up for summer camp. Co-founder Julie Cole shares her top tips for making sure kids are happy campers all summer long. Read on to discover her great tips for summer camp packing.  With camp season quickly approachin
    There are birthday parties and then there are Birthday Parties! The difference is that some parties offer a creative twist alongside the usual offering of cake, balloons and birthday party fun. Here's the scoop on some artistic suggestions for birthday parties in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).I
    With so many birthday party themes to choose from planning a celebration can sometimes seem mind boggling. But if our kids are leaning towards a princess, pirate, diva or fairy themed party we know who to call on in Montreal.Princess Stephanie and Friends make planning a fairytale birthday party so
    In celebration of The Kid Scoop's 3rd birthday we wanted to share some old  "baby" pictures ....What's in a name?  Well alot actually.  When we 1st started out we called ourselves "Kitchen Scoop". But everyone thought we were selling spatulas! We even had a logo designed and some stupid f*&%
    I don't know who gets more excited when a birthday party invitation comes home in one of my children's schoolbags, me or my child! Imagine our mutual thrill when we received a scroll invitation to a Pirate Themed Birthday Party for my son's 4 year old friend Zachary! "What a great idea for birthday
    Like all summer camps in general, science camp is a right of passage; no parents, no homework, no tests and countless hours of fun with new friends. Science camps are not just like going to school! These summer programs offer campers of all ages an opportunity to explore science in a hands-on, gooey
    A need to know!  How to make a dinosaur birthday party cake!A dino-hit! A lot of little boys, (and some girls),  go through a dinosaur phase¦ when everything revolves around T-Rex and his prehistoric pals. If you're having a dino-party, celebrate with an Edible T-Rex Birthday cake for kids!Part o
    Our days at the park after school are getting numbered. In mom language, that basically means that our house will get all the more messier pre-dinner time. As our kids run wild inside and let loose in our playrooms or basements we think it's time to find a less messy outlet to release their energy.
    They may just be settling back into the school routine but before we know it spring break will be here. So we're planning well in advance to make sure their week off is full of fun! Here are our top picks for spring break camps in Toronto:Camp Expo¨February 24, 12pm-4pmDon't miss Canada's Largest
    The task of organizing a birthday party can often times seem daunting. Here is a super helpful top ten list from our friends at Embella Party.Pick a theme your child likes: No matter how old your child is, they know what they like. If the theme is not to their liking or interest, they might not enjo
    So you and your child have made the decision to go to camp, you've chosen the type of camp that suits your child's needs best and perhaps have even gone on a tour of the camp to solidify your choice.Now the big day is approaching and whether your child is going for the day or overnight, whether it's
    We absolutely adore when our children celebrate their birthdays through creation. Not only does such a party entertain kids of all ages but it leaves us with an artistic memento to remember every year of them growing up. This year, we're opting for a beading party to make wearable memories and more!
    What do you think of when you picture summer camp? Days spent outdoors in various sports and artistic activities? Fun-filled evenings around a campfire?How about the opportunity to gain confidence and self esteem by participating in a summer drama production or engaging in a first-hand biology lesso
    Mary, Angela and Dimitra Hontzias have always been happiest celebrating life's milestones while preparing for them - elbow-deep in paper-cutters and cardstock. Years of suffering one too many paper cuts led them to begin tinkering with design programs. The self-taught sisters have gone on to form su
    One of the reasons why we love summer is that it gives us endless opportunities to constantly be active. Sure we love the sun, days at the pool and less stress about schlepping our kids from one extracurricular to another, but we really love every chance we can get to move our bodies. Our kids are m
    Have you heard? Word on the street is that creativity is the currency of the future. Invest in your child's future by enrolling them in an arts based camp this summer!  The arts world has expanded far beyond the realm of colouring, painting and beading macaroni necklaces. Today's arts camps offer a
    There are kids' birthday parties and then there are BIRTHDAY PARTIES! Taking your child's birthday celebration to the next level does not have to be an exercise in over-spending and over-indulgence. There are many ways to make your child's party a fun-filled and memorable experience for both the
    Summer camp provides an opportunity for every child to reap the many benefits of life-long skills and friendships. It's a unique place for kids to learn about life, how to live it well, and learn from one another in an environment that's consistently stimulating. But how can families make this a mor
    Usually when our children attend a birthday party they come home with a loot bag filled with dollar store finds and a sugar rush. They may have spent two hours running around or doing arts & crafts but we can't say that they have amassed any life skills (unless we count blowing out the candles!)
    When we ask any die hard camp"goer, they will always say a day at summer camp is like a week in the city. No matter how quickly the summer may fly by, a day at camp is so jam packed that by the time our kids' heads hit the pillow at night, they will be exhausted! Whether we are looking into a day
    When trying to plan the perfect party, we find ourselves scouring for the perfect venue. Is the space big enough? Will there be enough to do? Is it safe? But maybe we should start thinking outside the box. Literally. Why not plan their birthday party activities in the great outdoors?  Weat
    It may look like spring is just around the corner but our minds are already set on summer, namely summer camps. A hot topic among parent groups everywhere, we're trying to help you solve that age old question of what to do with the kids this summer!Whether they are athletic, artistic, into science o
    They may just be settling back into the school routine but before we know it spring break will be here. So we're planning well in advance to make sure their week off is full of fun! Here are our top picks for spring break camps in Montreal:March Break Camps with DynamixMarch 4-8, 5-12 years oldDynam
    Chef Rachel Cytrynbaum of the Montreal based Saveurs de Famille recently hosted her daughter's second birthday party. For a chef, birthday party food is as important, if not more, than the cake itself. Below Rachel documents all of the special touches she used to create her daughter's The Very Hun
    All of those summer babies are starting to celebrate turning another year older. With birthday parties abound it's tough to come up with a truly original theme. Whether she wants a princess party or he wants a superhero showdown, we've scoured our inspiration boards on Pinterest to inspire your next
    The summer was packed full of birthday parties and our kids seemed to have experienced much of the same. Singers, guitar players, gyms, parks¦While they certainly had a wonderful time celebrating their friends; and family's birthdays, by August we were looking to free up our weekends or at least, h
     It's a Lousy job to have but a rite of passage.... doesn't every kids get lice?  But even worse when they are at camp!  Step 1 Educate your staff, campers and their parents before summer camp.Send pre-camp registration forms explaining your summer camps policy on the head lice issue
    Make some Birthday Buzz! The Scoop on Birthday Parties in MontrealThe Scoop on Birthday Parties in MontrealLooking for some Birthday Party Hot-Spots?  We've rounded up some of theBest Birthday Party places in Montreal to make your kids birthday bash the most buzzed on the block!Club CDLWhether you'
    How to Make a Princess Birthday Party CakeAny little birthday girl would love this magical princess birthday party cake, complete with a real doll she can play with later.
    Usually when our children attend a birthday party they come home with a loot bag filled with dollar store finds and a sugar rush. They may have spent two hours running around or doing arts & crafts but we can't say that they have amassed any life skills (unless we count blowing out the candles!)
    All moms know that once summer arrives our kids are often outdoors running, skipping and biking. Video games get pushed deeper in the TV console and our garages become cluttered with pails, shovels, kites and bikes. But as much as our kids are being active, they may not necessarily be seeing the ben
    We 100% admit to seeking out our neighbourhood's local fairs and festivals solely for the purpose of having our kids bounce around on the inflatables. With no parents allowed inside, this must-have been-a-mom invention gives us some breathing space while giving them endless opportunities for physica