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    5 DIY Kitchen Remodeling Projects

    August 17th, 2016 , Last Modified: August 17th, 2016

    It's not always necessary to bring in a professional to complete every task on your list of home improvements. It's all relative to your investment and your own skills. Some kitchen projects can be done with the help of proper tools. Before diving into the job, question if the DIY is the most efficient use of your money and time. Does it add value to your home? Does it cost more to do the project on your own? It's important to have all materials on site before you tear down the area, no matter the situation. If you're fixing it yourself or hiring a handyman to do the project, it saves time having all materials available before the project begins. If you're leaning to the DIY side, here are some of the easier projects you can complete on your own.

    1. Destruction.

      It is possible to demolish the space and leave a clean area for your workers. It is important to consult with a construction expert before hand to figure out the location of wires and ask about sizing of items.

    2. Tile flooring

      Consider laying your own tilework. Larger tiles, such as 12x12s, need less grout lines. Choose a manageable size backsplash (6x6) and avoid complex layouts. Tile cutters, both hand-held and table-mounted, can be rented from home renovation stores. There are classes available teaching how to properly lay down tiles.

    3. Painting

      Be careful when prepping to pain a wall- the prep will lead to a success. Painting can transform a kitchen. Speak to a specialist to get tips and make sure to try out the color in a sample before coating all walls. Cabinets can be painted to brighten surfaces and cover some nicks and scratches.

    4. Choosing new hardware

      Knobs and pulls of cabinets can be changed for little money and will have a big impact. Be aware that you can't cover pre-existing holes in the wood. Knobs should always replace knobs, and pulls with pulls.

    5. Installing new fixtures

      Someone who has experience doing their own home improvements will confidently put in a new refrigerator or dishwasher. Remember, sometimes it isn't worth risking the appliance if you can't complete the job properly. Typically, installation costs are included with the purchase of professional-grade appliances. Be sure to call an electrician for any wiring complications when installing light fixtures.

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