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    6 Outdoor Home Maintenance Must Do’s

    August 15th, 2016

    Every year after a long and frozen winter, comes spring as well as the necessity for spring cleaning. But are we doing what we really need to do when it comes to properly maintaining our homes and paving the way for a trouble free year?

    1. Clean Gutters

      You should be cleaning your gutter bottoms for any debris collected overtime at least twice a year. Take off the nozzle of a garden hose shove it into a downspout, and then have a helper turn on the water when you're ready. It is also a good opportunity to check for any loose granules which may signal that your roof needs replacing.

    2. Inspect Your Roof

      If you're comfortable with heights, get up a securely set ladder to do an inspection of your roof and if not, use a pair of binoculars. Check for any loose or missing shingles, rusted flashings, cracked caulk around pipe collars, skylights and other roof components. If you're comfortable with heights and handy work, you can do minor repairs yourself. If you are unsure, especially for more angled roofs and more major repairs, you should call in a licensed contractor.

    3. Repair Paint

      Start off the repair by pressure washing your home's exterior to expose any chips in the paint. Then scrape off the chipped or peeling paint and spot paint these exposed surfaces. Repairing these blemishes in your home's exterior prevents leaving wood exposed which and rotting overtime.

    4. Trim Overgrowth

      Before things get too crazy and you can still see the individual limbs of scrubs and trees, use trimmers and cutters to make sure any plants stay at least 5 - 7 feet away from your home. This helps keep moisture away from your roofing and siding and discourages animals from exploring ways to nest in your attic. It is important to remember to clean tools after you trim, using some bleach and a rag, in order to prevent the spread of plant diseases. Keeping your tools sharp also keeps you from tearing bark.

    5. Ensure Good Drainage

      Keep your house happy by making sure the soil slopes away from the foundation walls six vertical inches over ten feet. This will ensure that rain and snowmelt far away enough to not cause any problems.

    6. Clean Foundation Vents

      Some homes have vents along their foundation walls which provide air circulation and help dissipate excess moisture which help prevent the growth of mold. These vents have a screen that prevents wildlife and insects from getting into your house, but the one downside is that overtime, it becomes a hotspot for leaves, twigs and other debris. Regularly clean the vents by hand or a hand vacuum, and check for any necessary repairs.

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