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    10 Expert Roofing Tips

    August 12th, 2016

    10 Tips that will surely help out to make the most of your next roofing project, whether that's installing a new roof, roof repairs, or maintenance.

    1. Check the contractor's credentials

      This is not limited to the contractor's actual license, but also information that ensures you are working with a valid business. This includes bank and supplier references and how long they have been in business. This is important when considering the long term reliability and validity of a contractor's warranty.

    2. Visit your contractor's place of business

      To further ensure the legitimacy of their words from tip #1. Roofing can be a big investment and it is important to feel confident in where you are investing your money.

    3. Verify that the contractor has all required legal rudiments in place

      This includes valid insurance coverage and whether the products provided are insured.

    4. Verify that the constructor is paid up and in good standing with WSIB coverage.

      This protects you from any personal liability in the event that a worker is injured on your property.

    5. Request recent references

      This will speak to the quality of work the contractor is doing in present times.

    6. Look for manufacturer certifications

      Legitimate manufacturers select proven contractors with a history of competency, quality and stability in business. Manufacturer certifications will also help reflect the validity of the manufacturer's warranty.

    7. Don't base your decision off of low price

      It is highly unlikely that the lowest priced deal actually proves to be a good deal. This is because the costs of operating a proper business: paying taxes, quality material, standard labor costs, are generally fixed and established in the industry. A peculiar low price might also be warning sign that the business may fall out of business at a later date, resulting you stuck with a no longer valid warranty. It is important to inquire bidders about how they established their price points-an educated decision will allow you to receive the actual best value for your investment.

    8. Regular maintenance and repairs extend the life of your roof

      Like any other large investment, a roofing system requires periodic inspection and maintenance to extend their usable life. Ensuring proper maintenance prevents larger problems, ensuring greater savings in the long run.

    9. Choose the best specifications and material options when making your construction investment

      It is indefinitely worth the end investment as this will reduce the necessity of future repairs and extend the lifecycle of your roofing system.

    10. Increase the value of your home, by adding aesthetic finishes to your roof

      On many homes, the roof actually accounts for one third of the exterior appearance of a home, therefore enhancements such as skylights and decks on flat roofs translates to greater curb appeal to prospective buyers.

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