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    12 Best Design Tips for Your Small Bathroom

    August 9th, 2016

    Renovating bathrooms can be difficult, especially if the available space is not the greatest size. Arranging the sink and toilet, all while fitting in a shower and leaving enough clearance room can feel like a puzzle. Here are the 12 most helpful tips to configure a tiny yet tremendous bathroom of your own.

    1. Corner sinks can be useful in avoiding creating traffic in a washroom. A corner sink will be most effective when placed across from a toilet opposed to across from a shower.

    2. Select shower curtains that move side to side instead of doors that open outwards. There are certain shower tubs that can fit in small spaces.

    3. Installing a floating vanity, placed above the floor, can free up space for small objects as well as the general area of the bathroom.

    4. A rounded vanity can prevent potential hip checks with the corners of squared sinks. A rounded vanity can be used in square shaped bathrooms!

    5. Enlarge the counter so it reaches over the toilet. This extension leaves more room for some items and leaves a clean overall look to the space.

    6. Using wide shaped and large patterns can make the room appear bigger. The bathroom will feel bigger despite no changes in the actual dimensions.

    7. Opt for a glass panel oppose to a glass door. Depending on your toilet placement, this could leave more elbow room all while keeping the water from your tile floor.

    8. If possible, extend the mirror across the wall of the bathroom. This is useful for multiple inhabitants and will create an illusion of a larger space.

    9. Keep towels handy and neat by mounting them on a bar attached to the shower door. Even if some towels need to be kept in linen closets, a single towel is a necessity in any washroom.

    10. Mounting a trough sink can increase floor space. They're a nice touch to any washroom and will be useful for better storage.

    11. Choose a vanity with a single shelf. This could be used to place towels or any other tight washroom storage.

    12. A wall-mounted faucet is always a good option. It increases square footage and can make room for a small sink!

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