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    Design Your Closet With Organization In Mind

    August 20th, 2012 , Last Modified: August 20th, 2012

    Organization of your home eliminates clutter and gives your space a feeling of cleanness and calm. Closets in particular, however, often seem to end up the least organized spaces in our homes. Having someone design a custom closet or creating one yourself can provide a solution for even the messiest household.

    We Have More Stuff Than Our Predecessors

    It seems like in modern times people emphasize their closet space more than in the past. One reason for this is because we now tend to own a lot more things than we did, say, 50 years ago. And some of those extra possessions, like purses, hats, belts and similar items wind up in our closets.

    Current Trends in Organization

    Popular closet organizational items today include multi-level rods for people who own a lot of clothing or other items kept on hangers. Small organizers for accessories are also common as are shelving systems for things like shoes, pants or linens. Many people also use small and large storage bins for organizing things like sweaters, gloves and scarves.

    Maximize Your Closet Space

    For small closets, using space efficiently will allow you to maximize your closet's storage potential. Maximizing closet space also leaves more room for extra items. Use multiple shelves, hooks and an additional rod for storing additional clothing. The top rod can be used for hanging longer items like suits and dresses, while you can use the lower rod for shorter items like shirts, skirts and jackets.

    Individualize Your Design

    Many department stores carry shelves and bins specifically for closet organization. Using clear bins or keeping items on shelves will allow you to group similar items together and view them easily. Better organization will help you find what you want easier as well without having to open each bin or dig through piles of clothes. Because you can customize how and where things get organized, the end result is a closet space exactly the way you want it.

    Custom and Modular Closets

    Having a custom-built modular closet can help you maximize the space up to 60% or even more. It is possible to outfit an average sized walk-in closet for as low as $250, although custom-built closets can range from $500 for laminate shelving to $4,000 for hardwood or veneer shelving. Closet materials can still be high-quality and effective even for less expensive designs. Organization materials in a custom design can also include features like pull-out shelving or a hidden safe.

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