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    Removing Scratches And Stains From Wood Floors

    July 23rd, 2012

    Hardwood floors scratches are likely going to happen at one point or the other. Stains are another problem that can occur on this type of flooring. It is important to know for wood flooring, how to do common repairs for removing scratches and stains yourself.

    A scratch on the wood floor is normally visible, but not too deep into the wood. Wood floor scratches can be caused by many things including moving furniture across the floor, by pets, hard objects falling on the floor among many other things that can scratch the surface of a wood floor. Scratches on wood floors are pretty typical. It is very hard to keep floors of this type from getting scratches.

    Stains are another problem that people often have with wood floors. Stains are something that overtime will probably be seen on wood floors. When spills occur liquids should be cleaned up quickly off a wood floor. Chances are you can avoid most stains from setting in on the floor. Stains can also be caused by the finish wearing off the wood floor making it appear in different colors or faded in spots. You do not have to be a flooring specialist to repair your own floors yourself.

    To repair scratches or stains on your wood floor use fine sandpaper to rub out the scratch or stain. Go over the entire scratch or stain. It is important to rub in the same direction of the wood grain so that no other damage occurs to the floor. Keep a dry cloth on hand to wipe away any dust particles. Some people find that using a scratch removal on the area is very helpful. Just wipe it on and wait the appropriate time for it to dry. By using a paintbrush with fine bristles, you can touch up a scratched or stained floor with the original finish once it has been repaired. When you go to brush on your finish over the scratched or stained area, you will need to use just the right amount of finish to match in with the finish on the rest of the floor. You will want the color to match as perfect as possible. Let the finish dry all the way, this may take up to several hours. If you have done everything correctly, you will see your scratches and stains gone from the floor and your floor looking the same as it did before.

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