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    Cheap and Easy DIY Winter Home Decor Ideas

    November 29th, 2012 , Last Modified: November 29th, 2012

    Here are some low cost and very easy DIY home decor ideas you can use at Christmas time.

    One great way to have fun and create holiday home decor is to get your young children involved in helping you. Children will love helping you get the home ready for Christmas.

    Get a big roll of craft paper that is at least 24 inches wide and let your kids paint some large pictures of common Christmas themes such as a snowman, presents, or a Christmas tree. Cut out the pictures and tape them to your windows.

    If you have saved your old Christmas cards from years gone by, cut out the pictures and glue sparkles on them. Loop a thread about one foot long through a small hole in the top, tie it, and hang the cutouts on your Christmas tree.

    Make a lot of five point or six point stars out of light cardboard or construction paper. Lay each one on a piece of tin foil that is larger than the star and cut and fold the foil so it covers all the cardboard completely. Tape the foil into place. Hang the stars on your tree or attach them to your walls with tape or hooks.

    Bring back an old time favorite - popcorn strings for your Christmas tree. Pop the popcorn and keep one bowl for yourself to eat while you are making the strings.

    Thread a needle with a string or thread that is two or three feet long. Carefully put the needle through a soft piece of each popped kernel of corn and move the popped kernels to the end of the thread. Once the string is full of kernels, start another one. You can tie them all together for a long white garland that will look very pretty on your Christmas tree.

    Fill a pretty shallow bowl or basket with the round glass balls used as decorations for the Christmas tree. This will brighten any room where it is displayed. You can also add ribbons that are tied into bows to create a festive effect.

    Get colored candy canes and hang them on your Christmas tree as decorations. You can make them look even prettier by tying a ribbon around each one to make a bow.

    Collect a large branch about four feet tall from a tree and paint it completely white. Use a Christmas tree stand to hold the branch upright and cover it with many bright red decorations such as red glass Christmas tree ornaments and red ribbons.

    W'eve only just brushed the tip of the Christmas tree! Be creative! The most important and fun way to DIY home decor is tomake it an event with your family and friends!

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